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At Transcriber Hub, our goal is to keep your satisfaction level to highest standards through our revolutionary 3 – Tier process. Transcriber Hub takes pride of providing world-class services with surprising turnaround time in a highly affordable price.

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    What Do We Provide?

    The market of transcription services is quite saturated but this is where Transcriber Hub holds the competitive advantage with our timely delivery, 99% accuracy, and affordable pricing, all in one package. The motive always has been to provide service that is unparalleled and to excel in the transcription industry. We cover a variety of disciplines but some of the most abundant ones include businesses, legal proceedings, academic requirements, podcasts, insurance claims, etc.

    What makes us stand out?

    How Do We Work? The Simple 3-Step Rule

    We know it can be a daunting task to drag the process and waste your time, this is where our three-step process comes in to save the day


    Simply register with your email and upload your files on our website. Select your preferences from the drop down menus such as the language, tone, and the respective turnaround time that you wish to opt for. You will receive a quote stating the price.


    Our team will instantly process your files and get started with your project. We will keep you posted with the updates on your project and we will ensure delivery within the specified turnaround time.


    Once you have the confirmation that your project has been completed then simply pay the amount that was quoted online on our website to receive the final files from us. The files can be downloaded from the email or our website directly.

    Why Choose Us?


    Our goal is to provide the best transcription services for you within a reasonable budget.


    We keep the promises that we make and our timely delivery is what makes us the best in the industry.


    Your data is valuable to you and we ensure optimum security without compromise when you pass it onto us.

    Industry's Best Cost-Effective Packages

    Transcriber Hub offers great value for effective, 99.99% accurate and speedy transcription services. Here’s what we offer:

    Our Services


    Transcriber Hub is home to  our skilled team of transcriptionists who are equipped with the analytical acumen to provide the highest quality in the lowest fraction of time. This not only ensures our timely delivery but has enabled us to develop a customer base of more than 10,000 satisfied customers and around 5 million mins of transcriptions processed.


    The tri-edit approach is where three of our editors audit the document that you have submitted with reference to the smallest of details whether it’s a grammatical issue in terms of spelling or any redundant words that could be removed to complement the clarity of speech. Whether its book drafts or you need baseline editing services, simply get in touch with our experts today!



    The writer might overlook certain details while writing a manuscript, report, or even a book but this is where Transcriber Hub’s proofreading skills come into play. We not only proofread your piece but also provide a track report of the changes that have been made. This helps you identify the said changes and also enables you to revert those changes if you wish to head back to the content’s original state.


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    I honestly did not know they’d work such magic on my audiobook, I needed to get it made from scratch for my published book

    Clara Smith

    Marketing Manager

    I wanted my report to be edited and Transcriber Hub did a fantastic job for me. David was very professional and they delivered everything within time

    Jacob Fischer

    Brand Manager

    Their service is crazy fast. I applied and got the final files within 2 days,  would DEFINITELY recommend!!!! would DEFINITELY recommend!!!! would 

    Linda Green

    Project Manager

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