Market Research Transcription

When starting up as a new product or organization your most valuable asset will always be market research. Since it allows you to get direct feedback from your target audience through their opinions, suggestions, and ideas. Although collecting such data is a time consuming activity, you can use it to your advantage and outsell competitors.

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    Accurate Analysis Transcriptions

    Market Research Transcriptions are the audio data collected and converted into word format. Market researchers have to sort out and interpret the collected data thoroughly within set deadlines.

    Transcriber Hub makes this seemingly insurmountable task possible because our human transcribers work in teams. With so many different types of Market Research Transcriptions available, we help you organize your data with pinpoint precision.

    Your market research techniques may range from customer observations, interviews, focus groups, to questionnaires and surveys. We will transcribe them all with 99.99 percent accuracy.

    The Market Research Time Factor

    Market research work is typically sub-contracted to transcription services, because it takes a significant amount of time to organize. We at Transcriber Hub have an extensive team of skilled transcribers and quality checkers to deliver the highest-quality market research transcription in the shortest time possible.

    Time is money and converting weeks, months or even years of data can be overwhelming for most. We take it in our stride to deliver your market research transcription within your prescribed deadlines, so you don’t miss out on projected openings or launches.

    Confidentiality of Market Research

    The last thing any company would want for its carefully gathered market research transcription is a breach of information or instead of you, a competitor launches your exact plan or product. Transcriber Hub provides complete data protection.

    We understand the importance of reliability and professional work ethics. Your data will never be allowed a breach under any circumstances. Data security is something that we never compromise on when it comes to our Market Research Transcription services.

    Why Transcriber Hub?

    At Transcriber Hub we ensure we leave no room for errors by misinterpreting respondents’ answers in our market research transcriptions. Using our transcriptions, businesses can scan through respondents’ answers efficiently and quickly, thus compiling quick decisions.

    Without precise market research transcriptions, market researchers would easily lose context of irreplaceable data.

    Our job is to make your data handling easy, and we do so easily, thanks to using human engineering for our transcribing purposes, as opposed to bots who may decipher numbers quickly, but not nuances or multiple answers. Since we have a large number of different transcribers, meeting deadlines is always ascertained. And most importantly, your data is always guaranteed confidentiality!


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