Medical Transcription

Transcribing medical reports as voice files, notes taken during a lecture, or other spoken material dictated by physicians, nurses and other healthcare practitioners is known as MT or Medical Transcription. Transcriptionists in hospitals often also interpret medical terminology and abbreviations while organizing patients’ documents such as medical histories and/or discharge summaries.

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    How Medical Transcription Services Help

    Hospitals cater to exponential numbers of patients on a daily basis, that adds up to a lot of paperwork. Where some private practice family doctors still choose to keep their patient’s records in handwritten notes, larger practices prefer storing their medical records electronically. This helps them access specific portions of information in a patient’s case history accurately, quickly and easily.

    Choosing a Professional Medical Transcription Services Provider

    Some doctors may choose to dictate patient notes to a secretary for transcription purposes. This may even seem feasible on days there is low patient traffic. But, if the practice has a busy workload, this method can become overwhelming to say the least. Also it isn’t always feasible to dictate notes, if you are on the go or, if your note-taking staff is absent.

    And let’s not even get into the expense of hiring and maintaining staff just for this purpose. Transcriber Hub offers medical transcription services that make updated, accurate patient records an accessible reality.

    The Future of Medical Transcription

    There are many medical practice management software platforms available online that promote automated transcriptions, however these will never be as accurate as human-based medical transcription services.

    At Transcriber Hub, unlike normal transcription services our transcribers are people trained in using medical terminologies – some even registered as Healthcare Documentation Specialists (RHDS) or Certified Healthcare Documentation Specialists (CHDS) — to minimize misspellings or technical errors.

    Transcriber Hub Promises Accuracy

    Because some doctors may have strong accents or others not speak clearly, offering dependable medical transcription services is hard work. Transcriber Hub ensures our transcribers get every detail down pat.

    All transcribed documents are reviewed and undergo several quality checks as the task is not just challenging, but because we are aware that incorrectly transcribed documents can affect a patient’s health or even life.

    Transcriber Hub’s Quick Turnarounds

    Time is always of the essence. For this reason alone, our clients choose us over all others. Medical transcription services must be diligently, accurately and quickly performed. Health care providers must have access to efficiently completed, precise transcriptions as quickly as possible. Transcriber Hub delivers these services on time, every time.


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